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The Proper and Quick Way to Install Aluminum Frames

Aluminum frames are currently very popular. There are many reasons why aluminum is chosen as the main material for frames over iron and wood:

  1. Aluminum has better elasticity than iron and is rust-resistant.

  2. Aluminum is naturally termite-proof.

  3. Aluminum is durable and requires minimal special maintenance, making it very economical

  4. Aluminum frames are easy to install

As an aluminum extruder with many years of experience creating aluminum frames using our Aluminium Extrusion, we are here to guide you on the easiest way to to install aluminum frames.

1. Prepare Tools and Materials

Make sure you have prepared the tools and materials according to your needs. Don't let any tools or materials be missing due to miscalculations, as this will make the work take longer.

The essential tools you will need are a saw, measuring tape, drill, and screwdriver. Required materials include Damai Abadi Aluminum Frames, screws, cement (sealant), anchors, tape, and door or window sets. It is crucial to ensure the wall condition where the aluminum frames will be installed is in good shape.

Make sure the walls are completely finished and plastered. Measure the frames carefully and mark the walls to be drilled with the same measurements. Before starting, it is a good idea to check the precision of the wall angles where the frames will be installed. This helps ensure the frames will fit easily and minimize any gaps around the edges.

2. Interior Wall Smoothing Process

To ensure that the aluminum frames adhere perfectly, make sure you have smoothed the interior wall until it is even and neat. For more precision and symmetry, you can apply plaster and smooth it until it reaches the desired condition. You can allow a tolerance of 5 to 10 mm larger hole size than the actual frame size to make it easier to fit.

3. Create Holes for Fisher Screw Installation

Now take the drill and start boring holes on the interior wall. Insert the frame into the wall and mark the locations for screw installation later. Make sure the marks you make are aligned with the holes you previously drilled, as misalignment will cause the fisher screws to be placed in the wrong location.

4. Installation of Aluminum Frame

If the fisher screw holes are in the correct position, the aluminum frame can be installed into the wall. Once the frame is in the correct position, insert the fishers to support the aluminum frame. You can also add rubber covers to the fishers for a neater appearance.

5. Installation of Doors and Windows

The installation process of doors and windows is not too difficult since most of them are already integrated with the aluminum frame and are therefore precise. The installation process is similar to the general installation of frames.

However, before installing the door or window, make sure the installation area is clear and safe. This is done to prevent any issues with the frame.

Don't forget to apply sealant after the frame is installed. The sealant between the frame and wall will prevent water from leaking through the gaps. In addition to protecting against leaks, the sealant will make your doors or windows look neater.

6. Important Note!

Although installing frames is relatively easy, everything must be measured accurately to avoid risks. If you are unsure, you can hire a trusted worker or contractor to make the frames.

Whether you do it yourself or use a contractor, make sure you choose wisely the aluminum profiles used to create the aluminum frames. PT Damai Abadi is one of the oldest aluminum extrusion manufacturers in Indonesia, known for its quality, thicker products, and wide variety.

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