Remelting Furnace

Pure Aluminum ingots are melted in 20 tons melting furnaces and alloyed with other metals. The materials are analyzed and adjusted by our quality control team to ensure correct composition for quality assurance.


Billet casted are preheated before going through the extrusion machine. During the process of extrusion, aluminum casted billet is pushed through a dies of the desired cross section.


The two main advantages of this process is its ability to create complex cross sections and work materials that are brittle. It retained an excellent surface finish.


Profiles extruded are then moved to this section for the hardening phase. Level of hardness can be customized according to your request.


A wide array of finishes can be achieved from the anodizing process. Anodizing uses aluminium’s natural affinity towards oxygen to produce a thick protective oxide layer on the surface of the mill finish aluminium. Through anodizing treatment, aluminium profiles can easily obtain silver, satin, and a series of bronze through black colored finish. PT Damai abadi has more than 30 years of experience to ensure that your products get the right coating to meet the needs of your intended application.

Powder Coating

Power coating is a type of dry coating, which is applied electro-statically and dried to form a layer of skin on extrusion product. The advantages of powder coating is it emits zero volatile organic compounds, better durability and color retention and less hazardous waste than conventional liquid coating.


Products are handled with ultimate care in the packing process to ensure that items are delivered to you in the best condition.

Quality Control

Damai Abadi is equipped with fully integrated and advanced facilities equipped laboratory for metallurgical. We exercise stringent quality control inspections that ensure the qualities of our raw material and finished products comply with standards.

Properties and tolerances are monitored using computerized spectrometer, chemical analyzer, tensile tester, Vickers testers and other quality control equipment and techniques that keep us competitive in the industry.

Die Shop

Design and drilling, to EDM and wire cutting of our dies are carried out in

our in-house workshop. Our team of professionals is able and ready to assist in customization of dies design while providing technical support to our customer.

We protect the confidentiality of custom designed dies.